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Aymont Technology was founded in 2006 to capitalize on these and other opportunities in silicon carbide and related materials. Our facilities are located in 6300 sq. ft. (590 sq. meters) in the Tech Valley region near Albany, New York in the United States. Aymont gives their customers better solutions through better materials.

No material is like silicon carbide. It is used today as a major component in power electronics, radar systems, light-emitting diodes, systems for water purification, and even in synthetic gemstones. Applications such as replacement of photomultiplier tubes for ultraviolet detection and use in electric or hybrid electric vehicles have yet to be impacted by silicon carbide's potential. The future in making these hard applications easier with silicon carbide has just begun.

Currently, Aymont sells silicon carbide wafers which it makes by its proprietary processes, and is gearing up to sell silicon carbide epitaxy made by its proprietary processes on these and other wafers. We have designed and fabricated devices including avalanche photodiodes. We are willing to design and fabricate niche products for your applications, and provide services related to wafer, epitaxial, and device technologies in silicon carbide.

What does Aymont mean?

Aymont is a very obscure word meaning adamant, as in diamond-like, very hard, or stubborn. You will pretty much not find it except in the Oxford English Dictionary.

This word personifies Aymont Technology. We work on diamond-like materials, ones which requires stubborn dedication. Our slogan is "making hard applications easier".